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Amnesty Info November 2021

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Die "Amnesty International"-AG des GamMa möchte sich für El Hiblu 3 einsetzen. Das sind drei Jugendliche, die aus Libyen geflohen sind und im Mittelmeer gerettet wurden. In Malta wurden sie dann zu Unrecht der Gewaltanwendung und der Schiffsentführung beschuldigt. Ihnen drohen langjährige Haftstrafen. In einem Schreiben sprechen wir uns gegen dieses Vorgehen aus.

Informationen zum Fall:
Your Excellency,
we are a group of students from Germany and part of Amnesty International Germany. The case of El Hiblu 3 has caught our attention. We must admit that we do not approve of the treatment towards the accused teenagers Abdalla, Abdul, and Lamin. We demand that all charges against these three are dropped immediately.
The harsh punishment does not align with their deeds. In fact, it is not right that minors are imprisoned along with adults or that they are being innocently imprisoned at all.
Within two years, this case has caught the interest from many people. One of them being the UN's High Commissioner for Human Rights, Ravina Shamdasani. She states that Lybia is indeed not a safe place to live. Therefore, the refugees, including El Hiblu 3, shall not be send there. Life there is crucial and dangerous. We agree with her. These people went through a lot of trauma and deserve to find a safe harbour.
As stated in article 3 of the human rights everyone has the right to life and to be free. So we, again, demand that the charges against El Hiblu 3 should be dropped and that they should be able to continue with their lives in peace instead of being suppressed now.

We are hoping to hear positive news from Malta soon!
Students from the Amnesty International club
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